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This juicy white tea blend is made with delicate white peony and sun-kissed peach.

Since white tea is only lightly oxidized, it contains more antioxidants than many other types of tea. It is also a great addition to your diet and easy to prepare. Simply put tea leaves (~5g) in your tea pot with 85C water (200ml), and infuse the leaves for 5 minute. (longer for a stronger brew)

White peony is a full-bodied tea which combines perfectly with and also enhances the fresh, fruity flavours of sun-kissed peach.



Standard Packaging

If you choose 25g, the tea will be packaged in resealable bag.

If you choose 100g, the tea will be packaged in food grade aluminium bag to protect it from sunlight, and moisture.


白桃白茶 Peach White