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/jvdlziaq1 ok sorry Code_Bleu: Can you pastebin the output of `sudo dpkg -l|grep linux-headers`? the question is what is installed LambdaComplex, yes if any kojejze: you can use the 3rd party PPA on the link I gave nope: for what distro? Code_Bleu: That's actually two commands, so you might want to do `sudo dpkg -l|grep ^linux-headers` whatever one ubuntu is running on it looks like this PPA only contains the 64-bit ppa, but I'm on 32-bit. nope: what distro is installed on the machine? Code_Bleu: The first one lists all packages that list `linux-headers` in their name, the second one lists all packages that actually list `linux-headers` in their contents. ubuntu oh ok ubuntu 11.10 so you are running ubuntu desktop? Code_Bleu: You want to pastebin the output of the second command yes LambdaComplex, ok nope: is your wireless card listed by iwconfig? Code_Bleu: (and if you can use pastebinit for that, that'd be even better :P) How can I get the newest NVidia driver on 10.04 LTS? Code_Bleu: Do you know how to use pastebin? wlan0 iwconfig wlan0 essid name ok ifconfig wlan0 down what next? ifconfig wlan0




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NavraMazhaNavsacha720pdownload (Latest)

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