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sustainability is a journey, and we’re taking steps to continue our efforts with guiding principles from the u.n. sustainability development goals.

At Jrink, we're committed to protecting the environment in the way we source, package, brew and dispose of our tea leaves. Here are some of the ways we prioritise the planet:

We aim to leaf nothing behind. For us, helping customers make greener choices has been a priority since day one. So, whenever possible (and without compromising the freshness & integrity of our tea),

we prioritize the use of compostable packaging materials. And when we really can’t find a solution—which does happen—we stand by our commitment to recyclable packaging.

Loose Leaf Teas
We’re proud to announce that we’ve recently introduced 100% compostable bags for our tea.

On the other hand, for all our other loose leaf teas, we’ve made sure to pack them in recyclable printed bags.

Did you know? All loose leaf teas are fully compostable, so you can feel free to drop them right into your compost bins!

Our sachets are made from plastic-free, plant-based and biodegradable PLA (Soilon®) mesh—the tea industry’s most environmentally responsible sachet to date! Sometimes we pack them individually, but the packaging is always either recyclable or compostable.

We’ve cut down cut out tissue paper, stickers and non-recyclable bubble wrap for online orders.

We’ve introduced compostable overwraps for our wholesale individually wrapped sachets. Our iconic silver bags and most of our gift packaging is recyclable.

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